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Beast Mode Battle will be offering competitors the opportunity to compete in the final event of 2015. This event will be strictly a two person Co-Ed Team event (one male and one female per team). There will be three divisions offered: RX, Scaled, and Masters (over 40 years old). If you are new to BMB please check out some more information below about what our competition is all about ...


Beast Mode Battle’s claim to fame is its unique format. Athletes compete in a series of four, 15 minute stations that are set up in a circuit format. The athletes begin their heat and do not stop moving until they have completed all stations of the competition. There is no down time in between events. The athlete must dig deep and get into “Beast Mode” for the duration of their flight.


Beast Mode Battle features a competitive field of contenders. Our events are always filled with names and faces renowned as the elite of the CrossFit community.


Beast Mode Battle’s unique scoring system levels the playing field for all body types. WOD’s are geared to evenly challenge all body types. “Beast Mode” is all about being the best CrossFitter, pound for pound.

Below you will find a brief blog entry written after the inaugural Beast Mode Battle in 2011. BMB has put on ten successful events since 2011 across the state of Florida. The author, Noah Ohlsen, has since won the 2014 CrossFit Southeast Regional and is now headed to the CrossFit Games. The article, taken from Noah’s blogsite –, gives insight into some of the unique characteristics of Beast Mode Battle from a competitor’s perspective.


Beast Mode Battle Recap – Written by Noah Ohlsen (May 2011)

CrossFit Militia hosted their first annual competition in Sunrise, FL this past weekend and right in line with the name, some beasts came out to battle. Unlike any CrossFit competition I’ve seen or competed in before, it was set up in 2 person “flights” that rotated through 6 different WOD stations every 10 minutes. So in my case, my flight began at 11:20 and I was done with the entire competition in 60 minutes of almost non-stop grueling work. Here’s how the stations were broken down:

  • 9 min to get 1RM Ground to Overhead w/ 1 min to clear bar/transition.
  • 9 min to get 1RM Back Squat w/ 1 min to clear bar/transition.
  • 9 min to get 1RM DeadLift and 1 min to move outside for 3 remaining WOD’s..
  • For time: 500m row, 30 KB Swings at 53#, 500m row. Remainder of ten minute cap to rest/move toWOD station 5.
  • 9 min AMRAP: 5 reps of 140# 2” thick bar press and 5 lateral abmat burpees. Remainder of tenminute cap to rest/move to 6th and final WOD station.
  • For time: 200m Prowler Push at 90#, every 50m complete 15 hand release pushups.

Upon arrival, all athletes weighed in, which would ideally even the playing field, as points were awarded in accordance to each athletes max lift to body weight ratio for the first 3 WODs. Right from the get go, the competition began heating up, figuratively and quite literally. The stage was set and tensions were high as friends, family, and fellow athletes followed competitors from station to station. As some struggled to complete lifts with weights just out of their reach, others stepped up to the plate and hit new PRs.

The first 3 stations of max lifts were a bit more slow paced, but once the clock passed that 30 minute mark, it was time to head outside and get to work. With temperatures hovering round 100 degrees all afternoon, the blazing heat certainly played a factor. After strapping in and sprinting through a 500m row, it was instinctive to pick up the kettlebell and swing away in the salvation of whatever shade you could find. A mere 30 unbroken swings later, it was back on the rower to sprint the final 500m even harder than before. Once “time!” was called, many competitors collapsed to the floor to catch their breath and immediately following, it was a race inside to grab a little shade and cold water for the remainder of the 10 min cap. WOD 4 proved to be a game changer for many, as most women and several of the men couldn’t even clean up the 2” thick bar to begin their presses. Be it a combination of fatigued grip from the max lifts, sweat from the blistering heat, or sheer exhaustion, it was hard to watch some struggle to complete one clean for the entire 9 min AMRAP. For those that were fortunate enough to get the bar up, repeated rounds of 5 simple presses and burpees became quite the task.

With sweat dripping from every pore and one seemingly instantaneous minute to rest before the last WOD, the fact that it WAS actually the last WOD, was the only thing that made it feasible. With the prowler dauntingly staring you in the face, the count down began with 3-2-1.. Mustering up every ounce of gas left in the tank, feet digging and driving across the asphalt, the first 50 of the 200 meters were bearable. Without realizing the amount of heat that’d been absorbed by the floor, a strange tingling and burning sensation hit your hands within the first 10 pushups. The infamous “hand release” portion of the movement became a welcoming relief, enabling you to get them off the pavement. After grinding through 2 more rounds, the final round of the day was right within reach. A mental battle raging, it was time to push past limits, numb out the pain, and finish strong. “Time!”, as your savior, it was all over.

After every flight had gone through the succession of WODs and every competitor had caught their breath and cooled down a bit, the final scores were tallied and the winners announced. The women put on a hell of show and the top 3 were awarded with gear from Reebok, along with other prizes including a line of clothing said to be “the Victoria’s Secret for CrossFit”. As for the men, the race for 2nd and 3rd was tight, but there was no competition for 1st place. My friend and training partner, Jon Adams, swept the competition with 10’s across the board for a final score of 60 points. The next closest score for 2nd place went to Smitty from I Am CrossFit with 51 points, with Erik Vidal and Reiny Parrado tying for 3rd right behind him, both with 50 points. Yours truly raked in 46 points for 4th and hit a few PRs along with way.

All in all, it was a fantastically put together and well run event that I look forward to competing in annually. Thanks to all of CrossFit Militia’s judges and staff for turning on “Beast Mode” and making it one for the books!

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