How To Make Faster Progress in Crossfit

If you are a fitness guru then you definitely know about Crossfit. If you don’t then you are not the guru you think you are. Crossfit is like the most dominant workout regime out there. Millions of gyms have embraced it and the results can be openly seen.

Crossfit is not one of those shortcut methods such as supplements or meal plans that are so much hype. It is a rock-solid routine that inculcates elements such as plyometrics, calisthenics, Olympic weight lifting, strongman, and sports to come up with the ultimate fitness regimen. It still requires you to work hard and be persistent but this time, with the guarantee of results. Its dominance is not by luck or chance. It is pure brilliance and the fact that it produces results.

Now that you are familiar with what we are talking about, let’s get down to our main topic; progress. As much as it is full-proof, the effectiveness of Crossfit varies from one person to the other. It all depends on the level of dedication put in by each individual. Some people make progress much faster than others. Don’t allow yourself to be left behind. If your progress is slower than you expected, here are a few things you can improve on.


Crossfit Shoes

One of the things that determine how well you work out is the attire you have on. Most importantly, the shoes you have on. They will have the biggest effect therefore, you have to find the best Crossfit shoes in the market. Crossfit is an intense program. You need to find shoes that can support your weight and give you the comfort you need. They should have a large drop, a hard sole, and a durable outer sole. There is a reason why top brands like Reebok and Nike invest so much time and money in athlete’s shoes. They know the impact they have.

Accept Guidance

The reason you may not be progressing fast is that you have the “know-it-all” mentality. You have read all the magazines, blogs, watched YouTube videos about Crossfit and you feel like you know everything there is to know. You feel like there is nothing else to learn. You are not the first person to practice Crossfit. There are some people who have been down that road. They have a pretty good understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Some of the things you have read might work for others but not for you. A little guidance from an expert can help you recognize something that you have been missing the whole time.

Compete With Yourself

The most common mistake Crossfitters make is measuring their progress based on other people’s progress. You and your neighbor started in the same month and now he is much fitter than you. You have to realize that every single person functions differently. You cannot expect your body to respond exactly the same as someone else’s. The truth is, you have probably made some tremendous improvement but you are too busy looking at others to even notice. It is only your log that can show you true progress.

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