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CrossFit is becoming a fast-increasing aspect of the sports and fitness world, having developed over decades to become a front runner in fitness choices. It is a varied and robust set of functional movements aimed at a high intensity level resulting in a more advanced level of fitness. We take pride in our approach to a healthy lifestyle and CrossFit is just one aspect of that. Incorporating elements of running, weights, gymnastics and rowing CrossFit focuses on the entire person and pushes you to break through your own personal barriers to achieve the most in your sessions.

It is our philosophy that to promote a healthy lifestyle in our clients through intense and engaging workout sessions. Not only this but we aim to build a community in which we can celebrate the achievements of all, and support each other to accomplish a higher level of personal fitness and health.

Our Programs include:

Group Fitness

Group Fitness Program

Our Group Fitness Program includes the use of a series of simple, easy to follow movements that focus on individual areas of the body to deliver an efficient and effective workout that keeps you healthy and balanced. This program is suited to those who wish to enrol in a long-term program to become lean, fit, strong and healthy.

Group Performance

CrossFit Group Performance

The Group Performance Program is aimed at those who are looking to lift the level of their fitness to an athletic platform rather than domestic fitness. This program will give you an insight into the best of strength and conditioning training to deliver fast results. It is a program that holds no frills but guarantees to gives results of strength fast. Utilising Olympic based training for gymnastics and sprinting this program will expose you to a new area of fitness you have not seen before.

Private Coaching

CrossFit Private coaching

Private coaching is the ultimate way to achieve those personal goals for fitness. Designed and delivered on a one to one basis your coach will work with you to identify your fitness goals, clarify them and pair them with the most effective exercises and movements to give you an all-round personalised program that will get your heart pumping. With continual support and management of your program your private coach will be able to adjust with you as you progress to meet new goals.

Each of our programs are taught by a group of experienced and friendly personal trainers whose number one goal is to facilitate your fitness journey through the world of CrossFit. You can learn more about our team below or by contacting us directly.

Our Coaches

Martin Spencer

Martin Spencer

Martin is a level 2 CrossFit instructor and personal trainer. With 10 years of experience Martin is our head coach who believes in the true benefits of CrossFit training for both body and mind. With a background in Sport Psychology Martin fosters the opinion that training plays a vital role in anyone’s wellbeing, with a positive environment and the right program he believes everyone can achieve their goals and over self-doubt and low confidence.

Kate Jones

Kate Jones

Kate has been a CrossFit training for 5 years and has worked with a full range of clients to help them on their journey of personal fitness. He is an advocate of a healthy lifestyle through diet, meditation and fitness training. Her own ambitions drive her forward in the support of those who are completely new to CrossFit and will often be found running inductions and beginner classes, inspiring newcomers to make a lifelong change to use CrossFit training as a start of a new them.

Faith Thompson

Faith Thompson

A level 1 trainer Faith is our newest coach, with a focus on empowering women to pursue a more robust and intense path of fitness that was once dominated by men Faith leads several classes and programs that focus on gymnastics, weightlifting and body sculpture. She works to build the confidence of her clients in believing not only that they can achieve anything but they are strong enough to compete in any arena of fitness.

For more information about how to start your own CrossFit journey, to learn more about our team or the programs we run please contact us on:

Phone: 1(619) 922-0290


Address: 11401 Bond Court Suite B, El Cajon, CA. 91021

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